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Romantic trip to Mount Huangshan two

With nearly eight hours through the entire Canyon West, at this time we have tired is really walk. It was getting dark, heavy fog enveloped the entire Mount Huangshan. We planned to go to Danxia to watch the sunset peak, but now it looks as if the weather and strength is not allowed.
Listen to the Tiaoshangong they say, this weather tomorrow will be the sunrise, is a heavy blow! Finally,Adidas Jeremy Scott, carrying heavy legs went back to the hotel, all of a sudden I lay down on the bed would never get up at 5 in the morning.
Fourth days, holding a glimmer of hope we adhere to crawl from the bed the aching, legs! To sunrise, fight! We put on cotton-padded clothes, take a camera, along with the people to watch the sunrise of Lion Peak to walk.
The lion peak has been full of people,Adidas Jeremy Scott, I hasten to squeeze a favorable terrain, waiting for the sun to rise. Waiting for a long time, still did not disperse fog meaning, it has been gradually appears white, hope and lost.
Back room, we according to the original plan forward towards the hill. Today's weather is very bad,Adidas Porsche Design, the moisture in the air is also very heavy,Jeremy Scott Adidas, and some light rain falling. The scenery around all blanketed in fog, we besides hiking, seems to do anything! Hill before the visitors is particularly much, we can only after numerous tours behind slowly forward.
Compared with yesterday in the canyon west, open valley just two of us, that free from the world's quiet and leisurely, has another romance. Yesterday in the west the flying stone: today in flying feet near stone: daunting hundred step ladder: considering the weather and physical reasons, we do not continue to tour the day all peak and other attractions.
This gives us the trip left some regret,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/, but also inspire us to visit the Mount Huangshan again wish. You can never be fully opened the mysterious veil of Mount Huangshan, perhaps, this is the Mount Huangshan charm lies.
At about two in the afternoon, we went back to the town soup, take a rest, to prepare a goal down - in Chaohu. We choose from soup town on the high speed turn dart toward Chaohu. Soon arrived in Chaohu, we are the sunsets attract, stopped and took many photos of the sun: we.
In the city of Chaohu and rest for a night, the next morning in the hotel downstairs and found an interesting scene. Sleep two dogs: third dogs came in, followed by theFourth: " you are not... One of us, go away! " " Ming ~ ~ ": we first went to Chaohu city screen mountain scenic spot, but heard Yinping Hill peony flowering is over,In addition to technical needs, but also to climb the mountain, so I gave up.
Here tour. But the screen hill on the way,Now thousands of bivalve ostrich genuine crystal high-heeled shoes shoes shoes shoes leather sandals, we found many various shapes of rockery. Because the residents here to quarry sculpture for a living,Run a sweat about home, so be ready to sell the rockery is filled up with road.
Yinping Hill rockery: roadside plowing farmer and buffalo: (cute farmer asked me: " &quot is on TV?); Chaohu's most famous attractions is basking (MU) mountain, but due to lake shore Boulevard construction, we did not take place, just on the edge of Chaohu took some photographs.
Stretch as far as eye can see Lake: Lake fishing vessels: Chaohu: Chaohu wetland waterfowl: (but I didn't hit the bird's head!) Chaohu scene: Flowers Thief: a few days holiday is over, we had a romantic time.

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